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New Book Release- Jan.15, 2021

by Michael Weddington

College as Rite of Passage and Hero's Journey During an Age of Upheaval. See: College Survival Book | College as Rite of Passage, Michael Weddington ( for book details and purchase.

This is the most daunting time to approach adulthood in the U.S. since World War II and the Great Depression.

The worst pandemic in a century, with 400,000 projected deaths by Feb. 2021. Millions of individuals out of work, with twice the number of applicants for every opening in late 2020. The most polarized American electorate since the Civil War, heightened by tensions concerning race and social justice. Rising economic inequality. Growing distrust in institutions and democracy itself, including among young Americans. Rapidly advancing technology that is transforming what it means to be human. And looming above all, escalating climate change that threatens vital food and water resources, millions of homes and thousands of communities, national security, and the stability of the ecosystems that underpin life on earth. Michael Weddington’s COLLEGE AS RITE OF PASSAGE and HERO’S JOURNEY DURING AN AGE OF UPHEAVAL is a student development book that addresses the critical need to better prepare our young for adulthood using the only commonly shared Coming of Age rite of passage in our society today: the college experience. Drawing from a generalist’s background including two psychology degrees, doctoral research in college student development, and college and career counseling experience, Weddington integrates ancient wisdom with contemporary research and popular film to provide a timely, engaging resource. This book is designed for those who work with young people, as well as interested students themselves who long to find energizing purpose on behalf of the common good, during an era when everyday heroes have never been more needed.

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