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Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Here is a broad diversity of video and film resources I've used and enjoyed relevant to career and college guidance.

Jennifer Aaker: Harnessing the power of stories. In this powerful video, noted professor Jennifer Aaker of the Stanford Graduate School of Business discusses why storytelling is so effective in conveying who you are. The concepts and stories she shares are transferable or directly applicable to job interviews, 'elevator speeches' and other means of presenting who you are and what you want to potential employers and networkers.

This link, produced by Horizon Recruitment, opens up to one of the better TED Talk compilations on career guidance that I've watched. In five minutes, the speaker provides a succinct summary of 10 memorable talks related to career development, and they also give the viewer different and balanced perspectives in the process.

As mentioned also in the Online Section of this Resources page, Career One Stop provides perhaps the most complete collection of occupation videos there is. Each short video packs a good deal of useful information, including a 'day in the life' description, employment forecasts, training and education requirements, income details and more. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration in partnership with the American Job Center network, this is an invaluable career search resource.

There are many entertaining and insightful films related to career exploration and development. One of my personal favorites is The Pursuit of Happyness. To learn more about this film and a number of other relevant movies, check out the recruitment company Brazen's list of their '8 Best Career Movies of All Time', written by Marian Schembari. The Home Design and Lifestyle company MyDomaine also has a compelling list of Top 20 career films, which are selected to correspond to various stages of a given career life.

The non-profit organization Achieve has for close to 25 years strived to partner with schools and other organizations to help high students increase their college and career readiness. Here is a link to a thoughtful video stream they produced that includes a number of interviews with current and former high school students regarding how well their schools actually prepared them to be 'college and career ready' and what their individual hopes for the future happen to be.

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