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Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Here are some of my own articles covering various career- and college- related advising topics.

Integrative career services will be needed more than ever during and after the Coronavirus Pandemic. This article argues for a more well-rounded, holistic and customized model for providing career servicing to both individuals and groups during this especially turbulent era.

College career servicing for an increasingly uncertain future. In a longform article, I explore and relate how some of the major trends and forces of our contemporary age may impact college and career servicing moving forward into the future.

Why every college should have a climate change literacy requirement for graduation: Storied reflections. Drawing upon a multitude of recent, relevant studies and articles, I lay out the case for a higher education climate change literacy requirement from the perspective of a higher education professional who is trying to make sense of what climate change is and how it may impact higher education moving forward.

College as rite of passage: How career services can help students transition into adulthood. Increasingly, I argue in this article, college has become the primary vehicle in our society for indirectly and directly teaching our young people how to become adults in our fast-changing society.

Plugging the U.S. higher education dropout leak: How and why should career services help? In this article, I explore and discuss one of the most pressing problems in higher education today from the perspective of career services: How can we help keep our students in school?

Discussion topic: How to career and college counsel your students for the gig economy? I tackle in this article one of the emerging challenges of our day for career and college counseling professionals. As our economy gradually expands its 'gig' work opportunities on both a full- and part-time basis, our do we best prepare our students to take advantage of such opportunities?

Great time to counsel your students on the benefits of learning a second language over the summer (or, I might add at this point in time, during a Coronavirus lockdown). I discuss in detail in this article the many ways in which learning a second language can enhance your career prospects.

Student financial literacy needs to be universally promoted from 1st-year advising to career services. In this article I argue that financial literacy is often undervalued at the college services level, with large numbers of students leaving school every year without a grasp of even basic financial concepts and practical know-how. I suggest ways to address this problem from a variety of sources.

In this article, I apply Joseph Campbell's 'Hero's Journey' framework to making meaning of the latest version of the Disney Film 'Jungle Book'.

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