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About Michael Weddington

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Hi, my name is Michael  Weddington. I started My Career Story in order to help others address questions I've struggled with on more than one occasion:  Who am I? What am I put on this earth to do? What careers might best align with my values, interests, talents and situation? As a first-generation college student from a blue collar background, I never knew enough to take advantage of available guidance opportunities. It took me a lifetime to figure out what I actually enjoy doing most (this!), although I've learned from a lot of interesting experiences along the way. Now, I would like to help others address the kinds of career, college and life questions I have long wrestled with.

My Qualifications and Approach

  • 5+ years career & college counseling at both secondary and postsecondary levels.

  • Certified Job & Career Development (JCDC) and Transition Coach (JCTC) - by the International Career Development

  • 20+ years research at Masters & Doctoral levels on how to help individuals prepare for life after school

  • Authored several articles covering career & college counseling topics.

  • B.A. in Psychology (UC Davis), M.A. in Educational Psychology (Sonoma State University)

  • Granted equivalency in Counseling by Los Rios Community College District (Sacramento County, CA).

  • Hold California Secondary Subject Teaching Credential (Social Sciences) with focus on career studies. 

  • Conducted study & provided report for college counselors across Hawaii State on how to better serve their student and family populations.

  • 3+ years as Assistant Coordinator for Teaching and Learning for the University of Northern Colorado; helped faculty, staff and graduate students advance their career prospects.

  • Studied and merged over a dozen prominent national college ranking systems into one designed to provide another way of determining the best postsecondary option for oneself or others.

  • Passed Ph.D. oral examination in the Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership program at the University of Northern Colorado, in making the case for the need for more integrated post-college life preparation for university students.

  • Member, National Career Development Association (NCDA)

  • Address the whole person.

  • Provide a wide variety of customized and proven tools to help you direct and develop your career growth. 

  • We begin with general self-assessment. Who are you? What do you want out of a career and life? What is your purpose, your mission? What are your work-related values, skills and personality style?  

  • Next, I help you explore and assess career-related interests and aptitudes. What careers best blend your interests with work-related aptitudes and skills?

  • Educational planning: I help you determine if college is right for you and if so, what options would be the best fit for advancing your career prospects. Or, would certifications, internships and on-the-job training be a better option? Online or in-person education? We explore the options and develop a financially sound action plan.

  • Action planning: I help you develop your own concrete action plan that integrates all of the elements above in a realistic, self-accountable way.

  • Action plan implementation. I support your plan execution with regards to applicable elements like college applications, resumes, essay, LinkedIn buildup, networking, and more.

  • Developing and communicating your career story. Learning to express your new or revised story for different audiences across platforms in succinct and compelling ways.

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