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I was privileged to be a beta-tester for this entertaining and insightful career exploration borad game called 'Who You Are Matters!' developed by One Life Tools, a company co-founded by mentor Rich Feller, Ph.D. It has been successfully utilized by groups across the U.S. and Canada, from high school and college classes to community groups. It does more than provide a shared and supportive environment for exploring career possibilities; it also encourages each player to reflect on their values and lives in meaningful and productive ways. I also find ways to incorporate this tool in my own practice as applicable.

I also use in my practice Richard Knowdell's career assessment instruments, including his wonderful collection of cards that encourage the exploration of one's career values, motivated job skills, occupational interests and leisure and retirement activities as applicable to a given participant and client. I have found them to literally be an effective, hands-on tool for sparking interest and enthusiasm in reflecting upon the way in which you spend your time, talents and energy at work and during your retirement, depending on who you are.

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